How to Do Navasana: What are The Benefits and Precautions of Boat Pose

Jul 2, 2020

How to Do Navasana: What are The Benefits and Precautions of Boat Pose

Navasana layout

Navasana is a Sanskrit word which means vessel posture or pontoon yoga. This asana should be possible both lying on back just as stomach. Doing pontoon present is very straightforward. One can learn it effectively by following its method bit by bit. It has numerous varieties like Paripurna navasana, Ardha navasana and Ekapadanavasana. It is otherwise called Naukasana. The act of navasana gives satisfactory extending to the whole body from head to toes. It has numerous medical advantages like weight reduction, diabetes, making abs, restoring maritime issues, forestalling ailments of pancreas, liver, kidney and gastric juices.

Navasana bit by bit How to do pontoon present

Resting on your back.

Straight your legs and brings your arms towards your knee.

Presently breathe in and raise both your legs and upper pieces of the body at 30 degree.

Keep up the posture as long as possible

Do breathing in and breathing out regularly.

Breathe out, and carries yourself to the first position.

This is one round. One may do 3 to 5 rounds or according to one’s benefit.

Varieties of navasana

Follow the above advances.

In any case, while raising your legs and upper pieces of the body, it ensures that your palms come out your knees.

It will happen when the two pieces of the body are raises at 60 degree or above of it.

Here the body looks like as V-formed.

Pontoon present lying on stomach

Rests on your stomach.

Brings your arms before your head.

Limit the hole between your legs and arms.

Breathe in raises your body at 30 degree.

Keep up the posture as long as possible.

Do ordinary relaxing.

Breathe out; cut your body down gradually.

Navasana benefits

Abs: Navasana gives reasonable stretch to the muscular strength therefore conditioned the stomach body part.

Lower back: If you need to make your lower back more grounded, this is probably the smartest choice to rehearse.

Reinforce the nerves: It makes the nerves and whole sensory system more grounded by making fitting stretch to the whole body.

Stress reliever: Practicing the asana assists with assuaging from pressure.

Improves processing: It assists with discharging gastric squeezes and guarantee legitimate peristaltic development in this way useful for absorption and stomach related framework.

Lower stomach organs: It is one of the one of a kind yoga presents which is useful for the strength of lower stomach organs like kidney, digestive organs and prostate organ.

Gut fat: The yoga present is acceptable to consume midsection fat and one of the simple asana to make abs.

Midriff: It is useful in making the midsection thin and excellent and great to lessen fat around the abdomen.

Endocrine organs: Due to reasonable extending, it is useful for the working of endocrine organs like adrenals, pancreas, thyroid, testicles and ovaries.

Navel uprooting: This is very powerful yoga present for navel related issues, particularly in the executives of navel dislodging.

Diabetes: The variety, particularly the progressed navasana is advantageous in the counteraction of diabetes.

Improves blood flow: The asana is acceptable to consume greasy layer from the inward layer of corridors and veins, in this way useful for smooth blood course.

Torpidity: It expels poisons from the body and makes the body dynamic and vivacious.

Navasana safety measures

In the accompanying conditions, navasana ought to be stayed away from or one ought to counsel a master before rehearsing it.


Spinal wounds

Circulatory strain


Heart patients


Hip joint torment


The runs

Heart issues

Sleep deprivation

Neck injury

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